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As of May 25th, 2018, businesses that process data pertaining to European citizens will need to comply with the GDPR.
Definition of the GDPR
The acronym GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. This regulation, developed by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union (Regulation EU 2016/679), was approved in 2016 and came into effect in May of 2018. Its objective is to harmonize personal data governance within EU member countries, particularly as it pertains to the security and protection of the personal data businesses possess.

Click here to read the CNIL’s complete text on the legislation
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The GDPR Checklist
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Five-point Summary of the Law
The law goes into effect on May 25th, 2018
All businesses world-wide that process European citizens’ personal data
Up to 20 million euros or
4% of revenue
More rights
Users have 5 rights
The opt-in method is the only way to obtain consent
3 Main Changes
The right to both access and edit personal data
A more stringent definition of consent
Greater transparency regarding the use of data once it is collected
LeadFox can help you get ready for the GDPR
LeadFox helps you respect your users’ rights

You’ll be able to:

Correct information
• Erase information, namely the right to be forgotten
• Request data portability
• Object to the collection of information
• Require easy access to datas
LeadFox offers all of the tools needed for compliance

You’ll be able to easily:
  • Create GDPR-compliant forms
  • Request consent from your future contacts
  • Have consent reconfirmed by contacts for whom proof of consent is missing
  • Maintain proof that your contacts have given their consent
  • Respect all of your users’ rights
This article has been written for illustrative purposes only and has no legal value. We recommend that you consult with a professional in order to ensure that your practices are compliant with the applicable legal provisions. Find the full text here.